What is
Starter School?

Discover our core values & philosophy

Starter School aims to provide middle/highschool kids with a clear roadmap, a guided step-by-step path, to learn modern-day tools & technologies that school does not teach yet.

These unique Learning Paths are called "QuickStart Blueprints" because it comes pre-equipped with all the sofware tools and tech your kids must learn, all setup and ready-to-go.

Finally, a way to give your kids a truly unique competitive advantage in life before they even graduate highschool.


Provide middle/highschool kids with a clear roadmap that prepares them for the tech-centric world they're growing up into. Required skills for the modern world that schools do not teach.

Your kids will have to either learn this now, or later in their life. Either way, these are the must-have skills to succeed in tech-centric world they're growing up into. Else, they might be stuck playing “catch-up” for years into their adult life.

Starter School is hope.


"QuickStart Blueprints" are NOT a set of video lessons for teens. We've spent 1000s of hours building from the ground-up, a system that is pre-equipped with all the software tools & technologies so that you don't need to spend money on 10+ resource subscriptions all purchased separately. Everything is setup & ready-to-go so that your kids can get started as quickly as possible (i.e. QuickStart).

Additionally, our students can also resell various software products as their own, while keeping 100% of every dollar they make, deposited straight into their bank account.

We call these "Starter" Businesses that teach the basics of real-life entrepreneur skills.



The Fundamental 4

We believe in kids should learn a wide range of real-world skills that are in-demand for the current and future job market. We call this “Going Wide” and the benefits are worth their weight in gold. Going Wide helps kids get a better idea of how different parts of a whole work together to get something done. A wide range of exposure to discover for themselves, what they are good at and what they enjoy doing.






Austin, TX


When I was just 14 years old, I remember a page I ripped out from a magazine with BIG BOLD letters that said: "DREAM BIG". It was taped in my room, right next to my bed.

I remember clearly, childhood dream was to one day own my own business. Yet, there was no clear path for me.

My parents were immigrants, with very little understanding of this new world in America. They struggled and worked hard with multiple jobs at Subway to make ends meet.

This meant they weren’t able to guide me in any direction other than “make good grades and go to college”… the most basic and common advice they had for me.

Uninspired and without someone to guide me, I wasted many years playing video games from the time I came home from school, until it was time to go to bed.

Years passed… No progress. The distractions of Video Games turned into girls & friends, then after highschool graduation eventually turned into College Classes.

It wasn’t until a few days after my 21st birthday, where I reached a “tipping point”. I was frustrated that 7 whole years had passed without any forward progress towards this deeply held vision for myself.

I stumbled across the idea that you could place bulk-orders from China and resell them on eBay to turn a profit.

At this point in my life, I just wanted to do SOMETHING… ANYTHING, to take those first few baby steps…

I received a 100 item shipment of phone cases for $300, that I immediately turned around and listed individually on eBay.

After a few weeks, I managed to sell 4 to 6 phone cases per week. After all was said and done, my grand total was around $20 to $30 in profit and many trips to FedEx to ship the purchased items to my customers.

This moment changed the course of my life… The money was not much at all… BUT, it gave me new-found confidence in myself. I was proud that I could in-fact earn my own money!

Fast forward 10 years later to today… I realize how much time I wasted from 14 to 21 years old where I wished and waited for someone to come save me, and lead me to where I wanted to go…

The lesson I learned is that NO ONE was going to come and save me. I had to save myself.

This moment kicked off a cascade of 20 attempts, most of which failed, crashed, and burned.  

Each failure giving me the knowledge and know-how to push me forward.

I look back at those early years between 14 and 21 with sadness and regret.

I founded Starter School to help solve this exact problem for other parents and kids out there in the world… Who just like me, didn’t have a clear path forward.

Today, I lead our team to build software tools and step-by-step video tutorials for middle/highschool kids to learn the required tech tools they need to succeed in the modern world.


Founder, CEO at Starter School

My Professional Development:

Leader, Educator, Full-Stack Marketer, Product Designer, Electrical & Systems Engineer, Software Developer.

My Core Values:
Education, Leadership, Inner Harmony, Learning and growth, Meaningful work, Freedom, Optimistism, Creativity, Problem Solving, & Empathy.

Previous Experience:
My previous work experience has generated an estimated $9,000,000+ in new business development across 12 different industries.

Built Products In:
Marketing Automation, Big Data, Infrastructure as a Service, SaaS, and Micro-payments (BTC LN), and AdTech.


Austin, TX

Like a lot of kids, I too struggled to focus in most of my high school classes. I just wasn’t interested in what we were learning at school. Yet, there were some classes that I did love. Computer science and Music to name a few.

When I got to college, I had no idea what I wanted to do. I dropped out to pursue an electrical apprenticeship. After becoming an electrician- then ultimately an electrical designer, I dreaded each day heading into work. It paid all the bills just fine, but I couldn’t help but remember how fun those coding classes back in high school were.

I transitioned from a career as an eletrician back into what I loved most - computers and programming. I was terrified to quit my career I had worked so hard to learn, yet I knew there was more for me around the corner. I overcame my fear, jumped back into software programming - all self-taught using online classes to become the professional programmer I am today.

This is the best decision I’ve ever made. Software opened up an inspiring new path for me in my life. And I co-founded Starter School with Diveej to help kids learn and adapt to all this new technology that school does not properly teach them.

I want to give kids that same feeling of empowerment and purpose that I found through computers and new technology.


Co-Founder, CTO at Starter School

Professional Development:
Entrepreneur, Educator, Full-Stack Software Developer. Journeyman Electrician & Electrical Engineer, Operations Architect.

My Core Values:
Spirituality, Problem-Solving, Authenticity, Balance, Creativity, Love, Loyalty, Technology, Wisdom, & Learning

Previous Experience:
Co-Founded & lead a electrical manufacturing company to over $4million in revenue in 2.5 years.

Built Products In:
Marketing Automation, Big Data, Infrastructure as a Service, SaaS, and Micro-payments (BTC LN), and Electrical Contracting.