Modern Skills That
Schools Don't Teach

A Step-by-Step Roadmap for Middle/Highschool Kids To Break-Away From The "Average" Crowd.


Softwares used by businesses


Basic Fundamentals


Common Goal



Your kids are growing up in a world very different than when you and I were kids.Technology is the big “X” Factor here - and progress doesn't appear to be slowing down.


State-wide school curriculums are not adapting fast enough to all the changes. In fact, it's estimated to take another 5 to 8 years or more, to update the curriculum fully. By then, your kids will have graduated and it will already be too late.

This is a big problem concerning parents across the U.S.


Our unique solution to this problem is a brand-new concept we spent years creating called “QuickStart Blueprints".

Each QuickStart Blueprint provides a clear step-by-step roadmap your kids can follow on their own time. It includes video training, mentorship, and support they need to make breakthrough after breakthrough.


Most importantly of all… the MAIN reason QuickStart Blueprints are so incredibly valuable is that all the tools and tech they need are already built-into each blueprint. Which means you don’t have to go out and purchase a ton of separate products subscriptions individually. Everything is already included inside every blueprint, setup and ready to get started immediately (i.e. QuickStart).

Each blueprint focuses on a different set of technologies and skills they absolutely must learn before they graduate highschool. Else, they will be stuck playing “catch-up” for years into their adult life.


Finally, a clear & guided path your kids can follow to get ahead of the "average" crowd. Your kids will either learn this now, or later in their young adult years. Make sure they're not stuck playing "catch-up". You owe it to their future struggle & frustrations to learn more about how we can help them get ahead.




  • 7 incredible ways middle/highschool kids can use A.I. to supercharge their new sales & marketing support skills.
  • How to use A.I. for new & original content creation to transform “normal & average” creativity into AI-assisted creative talents.
  • How to use new A.I. tools to creatively dream up new product ideas and designs, easily and for free.
  • A step-by-step guide to creating short “explainer videos” to communicate their ideas, feedback, and solutions to anyone.
  • Using A.I. as a personal assistant and tutor that helps them learn complicated subjects faster than the average teenager.


  • A simple yet widely untaught “4-part” procedure used by every mega-corporation and small business to organize their internal resources and future plans.
  • How to work with & along-side close & extended family members as a safe starting point for their business skills, professional communication, and software experiments.
  • A comprehensive introduction to “customer relationship management” (CRM) software, a skill needed by every single business and organization on earth.


  • 12 specific and efficient computer-productivity tricks using Google calendar, Reminder systems, Kanban tables, Notes and more.
  • The very best way to keep track of all the new tools & tech they learn throughout their journey.
  • Browser Bookmarking best practices, File & Folder Organization tips, and Note Taking 101 to give your kids a foundational knowledge of computer productivity and managing themself.



Business & Professional Communication Skills

Breakthrough Computer-Productivity

...And So Much More!



What does it take for your child to rise above their friends and classmates?

Good & Bad News

The Bad News: 

State-Wide School Curriculum Have Not Adapted To All The New Tech Skills That Kids Must Learn Today. This Is A Big Problem And An Important Gap To Fill.

The Good News:
It Is Easier Now Than Ever For Your Kids To Breakaway From The Crowd And Truly Stand Out From The Rest. Most Parents Are Not Even Aware Of This Problem In The First Place. Starter School Helps Forward-Thinking Parents Sleep Well At Night Knowing Their Kids Are Prepared For The Tech-Future.

How It Works

Starter School Designs Self-Paced, Time Flexible, Work-From-Home Programs Called “QuickStart Blueprints”. Every Blueprint Includes A Step-By-Step Roadmap For Your Kids To Follow Easily. All The Tools & Tech They Need Are Provided Inside Of Their Learning Portal So That They Can Get Started Instantly (I.E. QuickStart). Additionally, Each Blueprint Includes Video Training And Personalized Support 7 Days A Week.


The A.I. Internship

The A.I. Internship Includes 4 "QuickStart Blueprints" With Modern A.I. Tools & Technologies Built-Out And Ready For Them To Use. These Are Increasingly Important Skills They Must Learn To Get Ahead With Their Future Career Goals.

The Program Is Self-Paced, Work-From-Home, And Time Flexible. All They Need Is Access To A Computer And An Internet Connection (No Prior Experience Necessary).

Students Can Make Tremendous Leaps And Bounds Of Progress With As Little As 1-Hour Per Week, Or More If They Choose.

Your Kids Will Learn:

  1.    How to use A.I. for content creation, transforming       average creativity into AI-assisted talents, including new       product ideas, designs, and a real-life book edited by A.I.       This provides real-world knowledge schools won't teach.
  2.   7 ways to use A.I. tech to enhance sales & marketing       skills, equipping them with understanding about       business development and customer relationships.
  3.   A simple yet widely untaught “4-part” procedure used by       every mega-corporation and small business to organize       their internal resources and future plans.
  4. ...And So Much More!

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A.I. Internship Part 2


A program that promises to help your child become a stronger & more creative problem solver, leader, and young entrepreneur in-training.



What is the age requirement?

Our programs are recommended for middle/highschool kids Ages 9 to 17. Exceptions are made based on Parental Request. Email for questions.

What exactly are they doing?

Students are provided with a choose-your-own adventure list of various “QuickStart Blueprints” or learning paths. Each blueprints provides a step-by-step roadmap to learn modern-day tools & technologies. All the tools, video training, and support is provided inside the learning portal.

Each Blueprint is a unique learning path laser-focus on completing real-world project that simulate real-world experience with customers, organization, files, tasks, calendars, video and audio content creation, simple business automation, basics of marketing & sales, customer service, and so much more.

By working towards real-life goals, students use the new tools & tech they learn about to accomplish their goals. The core focus of every Blueprint is to learn how to work smarter by mastering the fundamentals of modern-day tools they must learn before they graduate highschool.

Email us at if you have any questions.

What materials do my kids need to get started with Starter School?

• Access to a computer
• Internet connection
• Smart Phone

How much time does this take?

With only an hour each week, students can still see notable progress. They can choose to move at their own desired pace. Each QuickStart Blueprint has its own timeframe for completion ranging from 2 weeks up to 6 weeks.

Why is this important for my child?

The Problem: State-Wide School Curriculum Have Not updated the curriculum to cover all the new tech skills that your kids must learn. This Is A Big Problem And An Important Gap To Fill.

Your kids will have to either learn this now, or have to learn it later in life. Either way, these are new modern skills they must learn. Else, they will be stuck playing “catch-up” for years after they graduate high school.

The Good News: it is easier now than ever for your kids to breakaway from the crowd and truly stand out. Most parents are not even aware of this problem in the first place. Starter School helps forward-thinking parents sleep well at night knowing their kids are prepared for the tech-future.

Will my child have access to help
and support?

Yes, Students can setup personalized tutoring easily from inside the learning portal to ensure your kids never feel stuck or alone. Additionally, there are 2 group support calls each week with available chat & email support for everyone.

Do you have financial assistance

Yes. Financial assistance is available upon request and limited availability. Email us at  to learn more.

Can adults also participate?

Not at the moment. In the future, we will have adult-specific blueprints to follow along. But at this moment, it is only available to middle/highschool students under 18.

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